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Semi Mature Trees


Todds Nursery uses its market knowledge to forecast trends so that it is in a position to provide the trees and plants that are required when clients and customers need them. We also share our technical knowhow so that our customers can be confident that their ‘investment will grow successfully.’

Instant Hedging


With experience in all parts of tree supply and planting, including managing landscape projects, we can provide you with the right plants for the right place at the right time. We are also experts at planting, lifting and moving trees and shrubs.

Mature Trees


We believe in a truly personal service whilst providing the highest quality plants. This is achieved through our rigorous nursery management controls. We will guarantee every tree, hedge and shrub we plant and maintain.

Welcome to Todds Nursery

A Service Tailored To You

Todds Nursery is the UK’s premier producer and supplier of mature trees, shrubs, pines, and instant hedging. Using a partnership approach we work closely with our clients, from private individuals to large corporations.

We stock a wide variety of tree species, including pines and other evergreens, deciduous trees, and a wide variety of specimen trees. We can provide anything from a 12-14cm girth tree up to 100cm+ girth tree, as well as instant hedging up to a height of 3m or more. Todds has an extensive range of tree forms to choose from - including boxed and pleached trees, multi-stemmed trees, and standards. We are also able to supply smaller shrubs, perennials and whips and welcome any enquiries to supply these.


At Todds we have the knowledge and experience to provide a bespoke service throughout the UK and Europe and also provide a range of maintenance services for your trees and shrubs after planting.

We respond with the same care and professionalism to every enquiry, no matter how large or small, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Semi-Mature Trees

What We Do

Todds Nursery is a family run company led by father and son Jon and Will Todd.

Todds Nursery is a modern and progressive tree, hedge, and large shrub nursery located in an idyllic village in Bedfordshire. Our 72 hectare site grows and supplies a wide range of varieties, from 14-16cm girth, up to extra large semi-mature trees of 100 cm girth plus. In addition, Todds Nursery offers a large range of multi-stemmed plants, and a selection of ‘instant hedging’. We use the latest innovations to ensure that our plants are produced to the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact possible. We use peat-free growing media for all our production and our water and nutrients are tested to ensure plants receive optimum nutrition at all stages of growth. We use the minimum amounts of crop protection products necessary to maintain plant health and quality, and operate using integrated pest management and biological control principles. This includes the use of beneficial fungi in compost and the promotion of habitats for insects such as natural predators and bees throughout the nursery. Biosecurity is a key consideration at Todds Nursery. Wherever possible we source UK-grown stock, backed with full traceability and record keeping. Where a particular species may be prone to a particular issue, we source only from trusted partners which are free of the disease. In addition, we regularly inspect all our sources and work closely with relevant agencies such as Defra and FERA to ensure we not only meet all legal requirements, but do everything possible to manage any risks.


At Todds Nursery we are leaders in the fields of procurement and growing. We have been growing using peat-free media for the last eight years. Our nursery is highly automated and we frequently trial new growing techniques to improve the quality of our products.


Here at Todds Nursery we offer a bespoke service across the UK and Europe. We are always on hand with advice on procurement and aftercare and we take a genuine interest in our clients and their projects. This approach allows us to provide a personal service directly to you and to deliver your exact requirements.


Our staff are fully experienced in transporting extra large trees; understanding the attention to detail necessary when moving such fragile products. We are proud of our ongoing customer relationships, supplying Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, Developers, Landscape Contractors, House Builders, Private Estates, Local Authorities, Golf Courses and many others.

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