Contract Growing

From initial concept and design, we can produce and supply all trees, shrubs and hedging you require in the correct form and size to meet your project’s unique specifications. With our proven ability to deliver plants and trees to site safely having followed rigid controls, you and your clients can follow a full audit trail from initial selection to final installation on site.

Whether you need trees supplied in six months or six years, we can grow and maintain stock, as well as advise on the necessary timescales required to produce particular types and species. This gives you time to select exactly the trees you want, allowing them to be designed and fully integrated into the built environment.

Todds Nursery can match particular trees or shrubs to your designs, and we regularly undertake specialist and unique commissions, producing trees with particular shapes or forms – even producing specialist shapes of rootball to accommodate existing services and structures.

We pride ourselves on turning your exact vision into reality.

When it comes to procuring the rare and unusual, we work closely with a small number of trusted specialist suppliers around the world. All of them share our vision of customer service and our high technical production and phytosanitary standards.

On our own nursery, or when accompanying our clients on trips to select their material from our suppliers, we use a mixture of security tagging and audits to ensure we deliver the exact plants you have selected, while our high technical standards ensure your trees arrive on site in the best possible health.

We are firm believers in using the best technology to produce the best plants. Our growing techniques do not stand still, as witnessed by the improvements in the root balls of our trees over the last 30 years.

Today Todds Nursery is as automated as possible. Our modern feeding and watering system adjusts the pH and the balance of nutrients supplied, not only according to the species and size of the plant, but also based on its growth stage and the season, ensuring every tree or shrub produced grows to its maximum potential and is as healthy as possible. Wherever possible we use humane methods of pest control and seek to reduce our use of fertilisers and crop protection products.

These technologies, combined with our highly-trained staff, all of whom share the same passion, knowledge, and experience as our Directors, make us the leading innovator in the sector.

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