Tree Installation

Todds offers a complete tree installation service for both private customers and commercial projects. Our experience and expertise along with clear communication at every stage will give you the confidence that the exact plants you’ve chosen will arrive in pristine condition.

Planting takes into account preparation and appropriate staking, support, fertiliser, and feed to ensure your trees get the best start in their final location. If required we can provide a full ongoing maintenance service.

Our tree installation service includes:

  • A full site assessment taking into consideration planting conditions and the environment the trees will be in;
  • Assurance that the trees can be installed without any unforeseen or hidden issues;
  • A variety of surface protection methods to ensure soft ground is not churned up and hard surfaces are not damaged;
  • Excavation of tree pits to the correct size and depth. We can also supply all guying or staking, compost, fertiliser, aeration pipes and mulches so you only need to deal with a single supplier;
  • Once stock is planted and you are happy with its position and finish we offer a bespoke aftercare service to keep your trees healthy.

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